Many people develop back pain while pregnant.  Carrying extra weight in the front of the body adds a lot of extra pressure to the lower back.  Many people become swayback and this creates a lot of pressure along the lumbar spine.  Zahely came to me to help her relieve her back pain and to tone up.  It can be very frustrating to give birth and still deal with back pain.  This made it hard to pick up her child and do the things she needed to do in her every day activities.  Within about a month we were able to get her pain free once and for all.

I met Jason soon after my husband and I decided to start working out. During that time I was still suffering from lower back pain, about 18 months after the birth of my first son. In search of a remedy, I decided to hire a personal trainer for the first time and I am very thankful that I did! Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was my first time hiring a trainer, but Jason went above and beyond what I imagined the results would be. Every training session with Jason, I learned something new. He has a wealth of knowledge! He was also very patient and wanted to make sure that I executed every exercise correctly. Best of all, after our contract ended, I was able to keep up with the routine on my own because he provided me with a personal folder containing all the exercises, including variations that I needed to maintain my muscular stamina. What I truly appreciated was his passion for helping others through his profession and his genuine concern to rid me of my back pain. Since then, I’ve had a second child and I have to confess that I am still backpain-free! Thanks Jason!

– Zahely Flamenco
Katy, Texas resident