Athletic Performance

A hop, skip and a few jumps to greatness

(ok, ok... maybe more than just a few jumps,
but we know you love that! )

The science of magnificent

Be better than
just good enough

Go from good to unbeatable
Bust through plateaus
Realize dramatic improvements
Surpass lofty benchmarks
Reach your highest potential

Performance-boosting training like no other

Using a sophisticated compilation of cutting-edge conditioning and fitness techniques, MFP delivers results that far surpass what you get with traditional workout programs.

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3D mastery

Conquer multi-directional motion vital for on-field excellence. Unlock your amazingness with vertical, horizontal, and rotational workouts.

Core conversion

Train the core to do more through Transformational Zones that mimic the motions of your sport while adding key loading drivers.

Chain reaction

Activate natural chain reactions in your body to awaken points of muscle power and stability you never knew you had.

Injury resilience

Optimize biomechanics & proprioceptors to eliminate muscle and joint strain, keeping you injury-free.

Quick feet

Outmaneuver your opponents by elevating your reaction time and improving the fast twitch muscle fibers in your calves and ankles.

We obsess about helping you be your best

As an athlete intent on rising above the competition, or a fitness buff looking to reach new heights, you’ll be amazed at the incredible results you’ll achieve. We can wax poetic from now until tomorrow about our athletic performance training, but we’ll spare you all the reading :-).

You’ll just have to come on in and see for yourself.


3DX evaluation:
The initial, and free, analysis we do for athletes identifies your movement patterns and pinpoints areas of strength and weakness. This allows for targeted, sport-specific interventions as well as directs us on the optimal athletic performance sequences to start with. We’ll go over all that together, along with your injury history and the objectives you want to reach. And then provide you with a detailed report. Count on having NO hard sell because, frankly, that’s just not our way.


Getting started:
Once you decide to move forward, we get to work applying functional movement science to craft a fun and potent fitness & conditioning program for you.  It’s more than just a personalized approach; it’s a holistic, transformational science that will skyrocket your talents.


AFS & medical exercise:
A fantastic one-two punch to realize your sporting goals, quickly. Push your pedal to get the medal in your chase to victory. It all comes down to body magnificence, and we can help you get there.


Incorporating recovery strategies: As an added bonus, (actually it’s pretty darn integral yet most places don’t do this), we incorporate recovery strategies, such as mobility & flexibility work, stretching, and soft tissue massage therapy. These practices help athletes recover faster and reduce the risk of injuries associated with muscle tightness or imbalances.


So if you’re wondering why here, why Medical Fitness Pros instead of other gyms, now you know. If you’re ready to go high level, you should call us.

Main features

Train with the best

Private training
$125 / 1 hour session
$175 / 1.5 hour session

Initial one-to-one consultation
3DX health & fitness assessment
Custom training program that varies
Monthly progress report
Dedicated medical exercise / AFS practitioner

- minimum 6 sessions

Semi private group
Starting at $60/ wk

Initial one-to-one consultation
3DX health & fitness assessment
Custom training program for each person
Dedicated medical exercise / AFS practitioner Monthly progress report
Quarterly field trip challenge

- max of 6 ppl per group
- minimum commitment: 1 month