Meet the Team

A Team Teeming with Qualifications


Jason “Conductor” Hodge

“This is not a job, this is not just a business. This is my passion; my opportunity to reach out and help everyone in my community live their best lives by showing them how to conquer chronic, debilitating pain, obesity, and limitations. MFP is the conduit through which everyone can realize their health goals.” 

Jason is the founder and CEO of Medical Fitness Pros. After he earned a Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology from the University of Texas, he went on the obtain a myriad of other fitness credentials from such prestigious institutions as Coopers Institute of Aerobic Research, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehab Professionals, Medical Exercise Specialist, and  the Titleist Performance Institute.

Jason is a Board Member of the Katy Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in the Student Health Advisory Council. He is also the “Conductor” of the MFP team.

In 2008 Jason started Medical Fitness Pros inside Hope Rehab Katy, a physical therapy clinic. Irritated with the way normal gyms treated clients with injuries or medical conditions, his vision was to establish a one-of-a-kind facility where people would be properly guided on safe, results-oriented exercise and fitness programs. As the ONLY Doctor recommended facility of its kind, clients routinely drive to MFP from as far away as Kingwood, Galveston, and Austin.

The trajectory of Jason’s career has its roots in watching sadly as his dad suffered with chronic pain which largely affected his quality of life.  Jason is a prankster; he loves to surprise people with gags and delight people with random acts of kindness and giving. He is a devoted husband to Jessica and proud dad of 5 year old Isaiah and 4 month old Siena.


Graham “Eagle Eyes” Knight

“Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help as many people as I can overcome their challenges and become strong, fit, and healthy. Early on in my career, I kept noticing that so many personal trainers were getting lackluster results for their clients. I vowed to be different.” 

Graham has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Every single training Graham does with clients, whether it’s personal one-on-one sessions or it’s small group sessions, has a specific purpose and a net result that Graham is intent they achieve. He is dedicated to having every moment you spend in his care to be worthwhile and important to your ultimate goals. There is nothing random about the way Graham plans each of his sessions; there’s a reason behind why he instructs you to do certain exercises in a certain sequence for instance. Graham is truly like a “neuromuscular doctor” in his knowledge and approach to sports conditioning and post rehab injury recovery and prevention.

Along with being certified as a Medical Exercise Specialist, Graham also carries certifications from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). This is an evidence based program designed to dramatically increase player performance through a deep understanding of the body mechanics during the golf swing. The concept is called the Body-Swing Connection™.  15 of the last 18 major golf championships were won by players who were advised by a TPI Certified Expert.  Graham Knight heads up the MFP golf program, and also specializes in post-rehab injury recovery.

Though he admits that the birth of his daughter in 2011 has led to less and less time spent on the greens, Graham is always happy to accept the challenge of his clients to play a “round of 18” together. Loser pays the round 🙂


Beth “Magic Hands” Kasten

“My great passion is helping people who are suffering traumatic injuries and chronic pain. For me, there’s no better feeling than relieving people of their aches and stiffness and making them a thing of the past.”

Armed with a degree in Behavioral Psychology from Houston Baptist University in 1993, Beth  began her career working with children who had both behavior and muscle tone issues – a program called “Birth to Three”. She also attended MD Anderson and studied Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy specifically to provide benefit to women recovering from breast cancer.

In 1997, after a serious car accident and painful recovery, Beth embarked on a new vertical – to get licensed and certified in Myofascial Release, Migraines, TMJ, and Whiplash Massage techniques for curative purposes. To this day, she  still gets surprised at just how many chronic pain sufferers – whether from injury or from illness –  are in the dark about the incredible benefits of proper Massage Therapy. “So many people come to me initially thinking massage therapy is some sort of temporary, semi-relief of their symptoms. It’s gratifying to me, at a deep level, that nearly all of them end up telling me how much better, lighter, more energized they feel on a long term basis and how massage therapy has become an important component to their exercise and fitness regime.”

Beth joined the MFP team as a Licensed and Registered Massage Therapist, trained in all forms of massage therapy (click here to find out more). She is currently studying to obtaining her certifications as a Medical Exercise Specialist and is particularly focused on integrating into MFP’s specialized program that helps people who have suffered from a stroke.

Brooklyn “Hitch”  Hitchcock

“After giving birth to 2 children, it took me a while before I embarked on the journey to get fit at MFP. It was a struggle full of hurdles and reaching deep within myself to make it happen. As I began breaking through my barriers, seeing amazing results, and feeling the significant difference in my health and self-esteem, I knew this is what I was meant to do with my forever; to inspire others to adopt a fit lifestyle.”

Brooklyn’s entire career path has been all about making a difference in peoples’ lives. She began as a middle School Math Teacher, loving the ability to empower kids through education. Brooklyn’s success as a teacher is due to her ability to get creative and engaging with the subject matter. Brooklyn is someone who always goes above and beyond. She is proud to be a certified Medical Exercise Specialist and her gentle, nurturing nature attracts a wide variety of clients who are getting started and committed to to getting in shape. Brooklyn relishes the opportunity to work with clients who are just starting on the road to getting fit, and providing them with the impetus to keep pushing themselves to achieve their goals. In particular are the older ladies and men who hadn’t worked out in years and who quickly see improvements in health, mobility, and strength under Brooklyn’s tutelage. Amongst the MFP team, she’s known as “Hitch” because she is someone people  gravitate toward and get attached to… and also, obviously, because of her last name 🙂

Brooklyn grew up in Katy and traveled for 6 years as the wife of a Navy Officer. In her spare time she enjoys doing fun activities with her young children and husband.

Lisa “Barker” Milner

“I love the clients at MFP! It always makes my day to interact with everyone and make sure they are taken care of. It’s my top priority to make sure everyone feels at home, comfortable, and pampered whenever they come in for their fitness sessions.”

Lisa is an absolute Client Services Guru! She is warm and caring, with a real gift for brightening up the place with her huge smile. Lisa has many years of experience caring for cancer patients, type 1 diabetics, and dialysis patients along with 13 year career as an R.M.T. Her medical knowledge and extensive experience helping people in distress makes her an important addition to the MFP team. Lisa is a powerhouse and provides ancillary services to all our staff and all our clients.

Lisa is a native Houstonian. She’s a vociferous activist for the humane treatment of animals and devotes many hours as a volunteer caring for Rescue dogs and promoting Adopt don’t Shop. We jokingly call her the “Bob Barker” of MFP because she has a huge social conscious and is very community-oriented.

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