The Dream at 95

Bouncing out of bed full of vim and vigor
The great grand-kids are coming, the day’s gonna shimmer
Gotta fill the kiddie pool and prepare some lunch
They’ll be wanting my cooking, I’ve got a hunch
Can’t wait till they get here, it’s gonna be fun
I have a tea party with Jill and a game of catch with Joe
Video game battles with Bill and a bike race with Bo

I’ll be wearing a tiara with great pride and joy
My thick fingers clumsy on the dainty toy
I’ll be surprised and impressed at how good Joe throws
I’ll try to keep up, but we all know how fast Bo goes
I’ll boot up the nintendo with nary a delay
Gaming awkwardly, Bill teaching me the way

They jump up to grab me in a tight, family embrace
Warm, messy kisses all over my face
I give them each a turn, swinging round and round
We’re all so dizzy now, we lie on the ground
Laughing and giggling, they’re climbing on me
I’m so glad they’ve come, my favorite day has just begun

You are at the heart of everything we do. Our bottom line isn't measured in dollars and cents. It's measured by the improvements in your health and well-being. We're serious about helping you to live The Dream at 95.

A little diddy about MFP

As relentless learners, staying at the forefront of fitness advancements is both our passion and duty. We geek out on the latest research and stay up-to-date with the best practices in the industry.

We don’t cut corners in our endeavor to be and stay the premiere facility providing the most advanced training and exercise regimens. Out of love for our craft and love for you.

One mission

To help you feel better,
move better, look better,
function and perform better.
As simple as that.


To shape experiences that resonate.
To create impactful solutions that produce lasting results, redefining
your relationship to your body.

Promise #1

To always have your best interests at heart. To to never "sell" you on anything other than your ability to be your healthiest self.

Promise #2

It'll be the best investment you've ever made in yourself. Transformative, restorative, and just plain awesome.

We take immense pride in being recommended and prescribed by medical professionals. This trust is a testament to the safety and effectiveness of our techniques in promoting healing, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall health.