The Dream at 95

Bouncing out of bed full of vim and vigor
The great grand-kids are coming – a full day of activities
Gotta fill the kiddie pool and dust the house
Make sure I have groceries to prepare some lunch
Can’t wait till they get here, it’s gonna be fun
I have a tea party with Jill , a game of catch with Joe
Video game battles with Bill and a bike race with Bo

I’ll be wearing a tiara with great pride and joy
I’ll be surprised and impressed at how good Joe throws
I’ll try to keep up, but we know how fast Bo goes
I’ll be gaming awkwardly, Bill teaching me the way

They jump up to grab me in a tight, family embrace
Warm, messy kisses all over my face
I give them each a turn, swinging round and round
We’re all so dizzy now, we lie on the ground
Laughing and giggling, they’re climbing on me
I’m so glad they’ve come, my favorite day has just begun.

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Our flagship program for people of all ages who suffer from aches & pains. Industry-leading, proven protocols to help eliminate your pain and increase range of motion.

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Xpress Fitness

Shape up, tone up, lose weight & have fun doing it! Individualized training plans, Medical Exercise Specialist-led classes for men & women of all ages.

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Xtreme Athlete

For elite athletes looking for premiere training and an unfair advantage over the competition. Push past barriers, skyrocket your performance level.

Medical Exercise Seniors Fitness

Seniors Fitness

Designed specifically for men & women 65+. These semi-private small group fitness classes focus on stability, coordination improving overall health.

Golf Ball Corrective Golf Instruction

Titleist Golf Clinic

Titleist Certified Golf clinics! Learn the secrets of professional golfers (Body-Swing Connection), remedy faulty mechanics, iron out kinks and enjoy quarterly golf outings.

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Massage Therapy

An incredibly important part of reducing pain, reducing muscle strain, and alleviating stress. Massage therapy is built into most of our programs but can also be a la carte.

We won’t make it easy but we do make it fun

Never rough or gruff but we’ll push your buns

We’ll make you laugh and we’ll make you sweat

So that when you look in the mirror, you won’t fret

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