Weight Loss

weight-loss, anatomy of 3 women going from overweight to slim

Shape up & slim down Got spare tires? We’ll take ’em off you (no, not the ones gathering dust in your garage…) We run as if we’re on fire for Black Friday deals…Yet skimp on investing in the very thing that matters most. Our Health. #functionalhealth You clicked this page because you’re looking for something… […]

How to Double Your Weight Loss Efforts – New Study Reveals

A recent study found that one single element had a direct impact on the amount of weight an individual lost. They surveyed date from over 300 individuals who were classified as obese to determine how supportive their physician was in their weight loss efforts. For those who said their primary care doctor’s support was helpful, they […]

Katy Weight Loss Testimonial

I needed to lose at least 30 pounds and I had a lot of minor issues with pain in my legs, ankles, back and previous knee problems. I have surpassed my initial goals and have lost 4 dress sizes. He really cares about his clients and will find a way for you to work around any obstacles that may prevent you from exercising. He is the best trainer in Katy, Texas!

Weight Loss and Shoulder Injury Testimonial

When Paolo Aninag started working with us he had 3 goals: Lose 70 lbs Gain the strength, speed, agility, and endurance to get into the military Recover from a shoulder injury Completing the first two goals are challenging (but possible), but meeting the requirements of pullups and pushups, with an injured shoulder, makes it much […]