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Exercising with Previous Injuries

He is careful that the exercises cause no harm and does not expect you to work through damaging pain. That being said he does push hard enough to cause at times minor sore muscles-the kind of soreness that makes you feel good about your effort.

Richard Kruse

The Best Personal Trainer in Katy

I can’t say enough great things about this place! It’s easy to see why he’s been voted Best Trainer in a Katy so many times.

Karen Loo Jaggers

Running Injuries

In going to MFP, you should expect the staff to listen to your questions, concerns, and goals. They will then tailor a fitness program around goals and fitness levels. They will provide a non-typical level of care that goes above and beyond what you would get at a health club or gym.

Tyson Hann

Post-Rehab Exercising with Spondylolisthesis (Back Pain)

When I started working with him he was so kind – not like other trainers who were more like drill sergeants – and he probably listened to my body more than I was. He taught me how to exercise without hurting myself further, and how to make the most of the tools I had.

Amanda Kirk

Personal Training for Direction and Supervision

You are amazing and one cannot do anything but improve under your guidance. It has been a privilege to be under your guidance and care as well as direction and supervision. You helped me realize the importance of being accountable and to work towards realistic goals. I am honored to have been called your client. I could only improve with your knowledge and direction.

Patricia Willis

Wonderful Katy Gym and Knowledgeable Staff

He challenges you without being pushy. He listens when you have an ache or pain, and he designs a program for you to get stronger and healthier without causing any further injury! I can’t say enough great things about this place!

Amy Richard

I Began to Enjoy Working With a Personal Trainer and Lost Over 20 Pounds

I felt better, had more energy, and really looked forward to going to the gym. I felt much better, had more energy, moved more easily, was more flexible, and over time lost 20 pounds.

Susan Wilson

Strength Training for Runners

I learned how to work with the machines, weights, and how to benefit from strength-training! It was extremely beneficial having a personal trainer to make me “accountable” for reps and push me to do the things that I didn’t want to do! I felt better, became stronger, and focused on goals. It was an awesome experience!

Laura Kubala

Katy Weight Loss Testimonial

I needed to lose at least 30 pounds and I had a lot of minor issues with pain in my legs, ankles, back and previous knee problems. I have surpassed my initial goals and have lost 4 dress sizes. He really cares about his clients and will find a way for you to work around any obstacles that may prevent you from exercising. He is the best trainer in Katy, Texas!

Joycelyn Urech

Personalized Exercise Programs

He took the time to show me how to achieve my personal goals. More importantly than that, he didn’t just apply rigid formulas, but showed that he really cared about me and my goals. I recommend Jason without reservation to anyone in need of personal training or medical exercise training.

Sachin Dalal

Exercising After an Accident

You helped my husband after a horrible horse accident! He completely obliterated his pelvis, cracked both of his wrists and other injuries. He needed medical exercise training to walk and you were there! You knew exactly what he needed and guided him along the journey to his recovery.

Julie Richard

I Look Forward to Working Out with a Personal Trainer

He knows how to motivate you and keep your workouts fun. I feel fantastic and look forward to my twice a week sessions with him. He and the rest of the MFP staff are top notch!!

Angie Weathers

Avoided Knee Surgery!

Expecting knee surgery I went to you for preparation. After working with your staff…I have no more pain in the knees and no surgery.

Jay Jorns

A Whole New Level of “Personal Training”

Medical Fitness Pros and their staff has changed the way I view personal training. Each person at MFP will meet you right where you are and if you have ANY medical history they will research it and help you with it too.

Donna Reiners

Back Pain Related to Pregnancy

I was still suffering from lower back pain, about 18 months after the birth of my first son so I searched for a personal trainer. What I truly appreciated was his passion for helping others through his profession and his genuine concern to rid me of my back pain. Since then, I’ve had a second child and I have to confess that I am still back pain-free!

Zahely Flamenco

Personal Trainer Work Out With Low Back Pain

I have existing physical issues such as chronic lower back pain & recently rolled ankle. He knows how to address these issues and keep me progressing.

Shelby Kyle

Worth the Drive for this Personal Trainer!

Wonderful staff who cares about your goals, progress, and maintenance. I’m 28 miles away and I refuse to go anywhere else.

Denisha Malveaux

Exercising After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

He patiently and thoroughly explained the different machines, educated us on the benefits of each task, explained the effects the program would have on our whole body, and emphasized the importance of working on all parts of the body to ensure a uniform result and attaining our goals to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Each session was fantastic.

Marietta Geers

I Noticed the Difference Immediately With Personal Training!

His enthusiasm and knowledge of overall health and fitness is impossible to ignore. I went in hopes of getting some advice about my health and walked away with so much more. Not only did I leave feeling better than I have in awhile but I also had a customized program for my body. It’s amazing that one hour could change my life the way it has.

Sheila O.

Post-Rehab After Total Knee Replacement

I had a total knee replacement 2 1/2 years ago that was giving me some discomfort with tightness in that knee. The doctor told me that I needed to exercise the knee. The exercise program made me feel a lot better and have more energy. My knee no longer gives me discomfort.

Kathy Self

Exercising with Shoulder Pain

It seems almost like a miracle to me since I don’t have the shoulder pain any longer. Turns out I didn’t need surgery after all.

Jane Stewart

Improved My Posture and Lost Weight!

I learned so much about how to use it and what it should do for me. Everything was explained so that I could understand what I should do and why. I actually looked forward to each session and went home tired each time but I knew it had done so much good. I lost weight and went down one size in my clothes and am still there thanks to you,

Betty Hayes

Small Group Personal Training Program

I can honestly say that I am stronger now in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s. That is thanks to MFP.

Nina Train

Eating Healthy and Developing Good Workout Habits

My eating habits have changed and exercise is a lot different. I don’t half to kill myself doing a workout and if I fall off the truck you can always get back up and keep on going. The benefits I got from all this is I am feeling better and know that i can do anything as long as I know what I am put into my body.

Sandy Cadena

Sports Conditioning for College Basketball

I drove from Tomball for Personal Training and that took a lot of gas; but it was well worth it. I came to college pre-season training and I was in great shape and ready to go. I had already strengthened my legs when working with Jason and when I got to college I was prepared. While everyone else was sore, I was ready to go.

Sarah Reno

Exercising With Hip Pain

I knew I needed a personal trainer. I asked around at the Katy, Texas area and every answer was the same….Medical Fitness Pros is the one you want. They have the training and the desire to help people with pain, they know what they are doing, and they like it! They are educated and confident and I felt that they really did care about my personal needs, not the paycheck.

Mary Frances Doris

Sports Injury Recovery

After 4 weeks I was in great shape and back playing like nothing had ever happened. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who has an injury and is looking for a personal trainer! Worth every penny!!

Mitch Etzkin

Personal Trainer Exercises to Improve My Posture

Working on my balance during exercise strengthens my core which makes other exercises easier and safer to do as well as improves my posture. A balanced diet is just a healthier way to eat and maintain the desirable weight without feeling deprived. I was able to eliminate the “I cannot find time to exercise” excuses that I became so good at creating.

Jinx Hayden

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