Need to lose your weight yesterday?

You need to lose weight as quickly as possible and you are going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Read on…

You won’t like today’s topic, but it’s true.  You’ve been mislead and lied to by books, magazines, newspaper advertisements, and TV commercials.  I know everywhere you look you are promised amazing results in record time, but it’s simply not true.  Your body does have limitations.

TV shows like The Biggest Loser make it hard for many of us to realize the reality of our situation.  They show contestants dropping 10, 15, 20 pounds and when you look at the scale, it went up, not down.  What’s the point?  You try just as hard and it obviously isn’t working, so why even bother trying?  Of course you don’t consider that the contestants have dieticians, doctors, and are working out like it’s a full time job.  You can’t compare 3-5 hours a week of exercise to what they are doing, so don’t compare your results to theirs either.

You have to realize this process takes time.  Hopefully you will see some weight loss at the very beginning, but often times you are going to primarily lose water weight.  After that, you begin working on the body fat.  One pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories.  How many calories do you burn when you are using the treadmill?  No calculate how long will it take for you to burn off the amount of body fat you want to lose?  Yes, there are ways to lose it faster than that, primarily nutrition, but I want you to understand that it will take some time to lose the weight.  It’s not fair to you to set unrealistic expectations for yourself.

It’s when we don’t meet our expectations that we often give up.  You should not expect more than 1-2 pounds of weight loss in a given week.  Our lives are busy, our nutrition is on the go, and our workouts are often cut short because of other responsibilities.  Give yourself a break.  Think long term.  Focus on the things you need to do and work on them one day at a time.  This won’t be a sprint.

Here is an e-book I’ve written that should help you stick to the basics:  Weight Loss at any Age

Focus on where you are going and be patient.  If you want to make sure you are doing everything necessary to lose the weight, contact us.  We can offer some help and guidance, and there may be something you can refine to maximize your results. You can reach us at 281-500-6055

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